Dr. Karim Chammas
BVSc. MANZCVS (Feline)
Head Veterinarian
Practice Manager

Karim graduated from the University of Sydney in 2009. He has worked in several busy small animal practices in Sydney’s North West. Karim has undertaken further studies in ultrasound, radiology, oncology and feline medicine. He is a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Feline Medicine.


Karim really enjoys developing lasting relationships with clients often built on trust and a common goal to better the well-being of animals. He has an equal appreciation of both medicine and surgery and views them as complementary in a successful outcome to many disease processes.

Karim has owned many dogs, cats, turtles and fish. As a result of his last dog Cleopatra, he has developed a soft spot for Shih Tzu’s. Currently his revolving zoo includes a rescued bird and 3 fat guinea pigs.   

Dr. Lauren Golding

Lauren graduated from the University of Sydney in 2019. She worked in the Gladesville area before moving to Beecroft Vet. She was born in Sydney and has lived in the Hills District her whole life.  

Lauren enjoys all aspects of being a veterinarian and although the role can be challenging, being able to make a difference in the lives of her patients and their owners is extremely rewarding. Having had many pets herself, she truly understands the bond and companionship that comes with being a pet owner. She wouldn’t be where she is today if not for her furry (and scaly) family members! She currently lives with a small menagerie (still growing) which consists of a miniature Poodle named Jazz, two cats – Samson and Delilah, and a bearded dragon named Savannah.


In her spare time, Lauren loves to spend time with her partner, family and friends.  She enjoys traveling, going to the beach, playing golf or just relaxing at home with her animals.  

Emily Bennett 
Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV)

Emily found her love for animals at a young age having grown up with dogs, cats, birds and horses. She graduated from Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2015. Emily has more than 5 years industry experience.

Emily volunteered at an animal rescue clinic in London in 2019 and loves participating in RSPCA'S fundraisers especially the Million Paws Walk.

In her spare time, Emily likes to do anything that gets her outdoors and active.  Her favourite thing to do is going to the beach accompanied by Rex her Border Collie.

Zoe Wright
Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV)

Zoe has been a vet nurse for over 7 years and has worked in a variety of settings to gain as much experience as possible.


Her favourite part of vet nursing is theatre and anaesthetic safety, and sharing knowledge to clients and junior nurses.


In Zoe's spare time she is at home spending time with her four rescue cats and one outnumbered rescue dog!

Olivia Tanna
Veterinary Nurse (Cert II)

Animals (dogs and horses in particular) have always been a major interest of Olivia's. She can't imagine ever living without a furry four-legged companion!


Olivia initially aimed to become a professional ballet dancer from a young age, and spent 2 years in Belgium training at an elite school. However she sustained some injuries that began to impact significantly on her performance, and so decided to get more serious about her love of animals.


Olivia returned to Sydney late last year, and contacted Beecroft Vet to begin work placement to support her studies…and now here she is!


Olivia is currently working towards her Certificate IV in Vet Nursing, and is super excited to be caring for local animals as part of the Beecroft Vet team!  

Diana Gent 
Veterinary Nurse

Diana has always adored animals and can't imagine having a job that doesn't involve them. Her favourite thing to do is to go on adventures with her partner and his dogs. She also loves taking care of her neighbour's dogs and treating them as her own.


Diana has two cats, a kitten named Barry and a 3 year old cat named Billie. She has only ever owned cats but has always found a way to surround herself with other people's dogs. 

Diana completed her Certificate II in Animal Studies in 2021 and is currently doing her Certificate IV in Vet Nursing.


Diana's other interests include singing and playing the guitar!

Lisa Teh
Animal Attendant
Lisa Teh - WIX3.jpg

Lisa has been a local resident of Hornsby Shire her whole life growing up mostly with rabbits and guinea pigs. Since she could remember, Lisa has always had a strong passion for animals and especially loved cats. Her dream was to become a vet nurse or to be someone who could care for animals in need, and it still is! 

In 2019 Lisa graduated with a Bachelor of Marine Biology at UTS and volunteered at Taronga Training Institute where she also got to meet some lovely wildlife behind the scenes. However, she knew that she still wanted to develop her passion for animals into a career and work directly with them so she enrolled into the Animal Studies course at TAFE. 

Lisa's fur-family currently consists of two adorable rescue cats, Cyrus and Hina. Cyrus is a very food motivated boy and Hina is all about napping - a true princess in the house.


In her free time, Lisa loves to travel to nature spots with her camera, sew, hand embroider, play sports, or just relax at home with her cats. Lisa is very excited to meet all the local animals and residents at Beecroft!

Marissa Mule

Marissa has had a love for animals since childhood and that passion has led her into the career of Vet Nursing, working with racehorses and pet grooming.


Marissa has 11 years experience as a professional Dog Groomer having learnt as an apprentice from a Show Groomer. Previously she was a Vet Nurse, so you can be sure your pets are in the best of care along with quality service. 

Marissa grooms all dog breeds and all breed style clips and additional requests from the pet owner. She can also groom all breeds of cats, from a simple wash and blow dry to lion clips. 

Marissa is available for grooms at Beecroft Vet every Monday to Thursday, and every second Saturday.

Dominique Speight 

Spending time around animals has always been so enriching for Dominique, having lived most of her life with animals at her side.

Rabbits have become Dominique's favorite creatures in the world for their subtle natures and big personalities.


Dominique has completed her Cert II in animal studies and loved every moment of it. Her other passion lies with illustrating and creating; Animals being her main subject and inspiration of course.

A dream of Dominique's is to make a picture book based off her pet rabbits' adventures.